Assess the intent of the Declaration of Independence.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that by any metric Jefferson's document accomplished its intent.  The fundamental purpose of the document was to present a clear case for separation from England.  Jefferson's work was structured in three distinct parts, each feeding this intent significantly.  The first was an introduction that broadly spoke of political intent of independence, suggesting that it was part of the human condition to seek political autonomy.  The second part was the listing of grievances against British rule, and in doing so, the intent of the document becomes clear that separation is justified.  The final part of the document is a conclusion that clearly argues that the Colonists are ready to undertake the challenging road to freedom.  In this, the intent of the document is clear in that the freedom of the Colonists is not to be denied.  I think that in this light one can see how the intent of the document is clearly articulated and woven into each of its part.  Jefferson's work was able to serve as a form of propaganda to distribute to the colonists and abroad, accomplishing its intent on both local and international levels.