Analyze how the theme of Providence is developed to restore the social order and reconcile the conflicting individuals.  Notice how often in the first two Acts of The Tempest that the "natural order" of things is disrupted. Nature is in disorder during the storm, and the human society is in disorder because a rightful ruler has been overthrown.

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Prospero acts in the role of "God" in this play, using the magic (supernatural powers) of his "angel" Ariel to intervene in the lives of humans and restore an order that has been disrupted since he, Prospero, was illegally removed as duke of Milan and set adrift in a ship with his daughter Miranda. He initially wants both vengeance on Antonio, who stole his throne and to orchestrate the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand, son of the King of Naples. Therefore, he makes sure the ship holding Ferdinand, Antonio, and others is shipwrecked on his island.

Prospero shows himself as godlike or an agent of providence not only in the way he manipulates events. He is successful in bringing together Miranda and Ferdinand so that they fall in love, and Antonio falls into his hands and under his power....

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