Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

by Eric Schlosser
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Analyze how Schlosser combines logical and emotional appeals in chapter 9 to create an effective message. In other words, how does he manage all this scientific data, making it easier to understand and read? Cite specific strategies such as diction, analogy, facts, cause, and effect.

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At the beginning of chapter 9, Eric Schlosser appeals to a reader's emotions by introducing a real person and giving details about him and his wife. Before the studies and data, he describes Lee Harding by explaining that he's in his early 20s and is a Safeway manager married to a woman named Stacy, who works at Wendy's. He explains how a foodborne illness made Lee ill.

This is the entry point for the reader into the E. coli outbreak. It puts a human face on something that many people have only experienced in news articles. After hooking the reader's interest, Schlosser...

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