How does the rebellion take place in Animal Farm?

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To answer this question take a look at Chapter Two. According to the narrator, the Rebellion "was achieved much earlier and more easily than anyone had expected." One Saturday evening, Mr. Jones goes out and gets so drunk that he forgets to feed the animals. Overcome by hunger, they break into the grain store and easily overcome Mr. Jones and his farmhands who, in response, flee the farm.

The animals are then left in complete control of the farm. They cannot believe their "good fortune" and how easy it was to expel all humans from the farm. Now the real work of the Rebellion can happen,...

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The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, depicts a rebellion by farm animals for their freedom from human tyranny. The rebellion is composed of three distinct stages: the secret meeting at the barn, the ostracization of farmer Jones, and the battle of the barn. Through each of these stages, the rebellion develops, and "officially" ends when Napolean says that the rebellion is over.

The meeting at the barn in the midst of night is the first step of the rebellion. The animals exchange thoughts and first  congregate. Officially, the rebellion begins when Old Major initiates it by sowing the seeds of freedom with his speech about his dream and unifying them through the song, "The Beasts of England."

A rebellion is not a true rebellion without an action to overthrow an old idea or person. In the case of Animal Farm, the first "shot" is heard when the farm animals revolt because of farmer Jone's malnourishment and disinterest. The animals, bite, kick, peck, and otherwise tackle farmer Jones, and take the farm to themselves.

In the last stage of the rebellion, Jones attempts to exact his revenge and retake his farm. Jones brings guns and men, but fails to take the farm. After the animal's victory over Jones, the rebellion of Jones farm succeeds and the reknowned farm is hitherto known as "Animal Farm."

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