Analyze how Ellen and Annemarie are similar and different.

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Ellen is a dark-haired Jewish girl. Annemarie is a blond Lutheran. Ellen excels at dramatics while Annemarie is athletic, especially in running. Ellen is more timid than Annemarie. Ellen is an only child whereas Annemarie had two sisters. The girls live in the same apartment building but live on different floors. Ellen wears a necklace with a Star of David on it, but Annemarie doesn't have a necklace. Ellen has never seen the sea other than the harbor while her friend's uncle is a fisherman, so Annemarie gets to see the ocean quite frequently. Ellen is more of a city girl while Annemarie has visited and loved the countryside. Both girls are the same age, best friends, and attend the same school. They both were accosted by German soldiers on their way home from school while running along the sidewalk. Both will be in deep trouble in captured by the Germans; Ellen for her religion and Annemarie for her helping the Rosens escape. Both are Danish.

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