Analyze the five core notions of human rights: Human dignity; nondiscrimination; civil and political rights; economic rights; social and cultural rights Rights to social work practice as they relate to racial/ethnic minorities or women or LGBTQ

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The basic tenets of human rights are excellent. They should be extended to all without discrimination. Just as our Declaration of Independence states, we believe that there are basic self-evident truths. Human dignity, non-discrimination, cultural and political rights, economic rights, and cultural rights should be among them.

In a broken world, there are, of course, problems. These rights are not always extended to all people. Sometimes people discriminate against minorities and people of a different sexual orientation, but this should not be. We should fight for people who are discriminated against.

All people should have these basic rights as American citizens. In addition, I would say most religions should say the same things. At least Christianity and Judaism would say this, because people are created in the image of God. In a word, as long as people are citizen, these rights should belong to them.

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