Analyze Fight Club using the marxist lens.I need an argumentive thesis and points using this statement: Modern Consumer Culture causes psychological probes in the narrator.

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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tyler Durden is a complex character who is portrayed as both an Everyman and a hero. The notion of the "fight club" as a pkace where emasculated Wall Street executives can reclaim their virility and manhood suggests a Marxist them eof the triumph of the ordinary working classes over the bloated bourgeois capitalist sytem. The workday world is portrayed as corrupt and unnatural, focused on petty pleasures and comforts, and the quest to make money. Durden's "fight clubs" seek to remind participants of what is truly important: personal integrity, the strength to survive, and the willingness to "fight" against the status quo and restore the honor of the working classes. "Modern Consumer Culture" is portrayed as vapid, insignificant and dangerously distracting, as well as unhealthy and ugly. Durden's diatribes against the habits and lifestyles of "average" Americans are meant as persuasive arguments against complacency and greed.

yamaguchit | Student

This is a very good question that takes into account the novel, as well as looking through the lens of a Marxist theory. What Karl Marx believed was that the capitalists were constantly oppressing the working class through low wages, and forcing them to produce more than they were worth. He says that the Bourgeois, who were more caught up in making profits than helping the working class, would force the workers to work at such a speed that prevents them from earning a paycheck high enough to pay for the goods they produced. This in turn creates instability in the market, and causes booms and busts in our economy.

Looking at this with the novel Fight Club in mind, Tyler Durden, the main character, is constantly on the move in part because of his job. The Consumer culture that he basically works for, is stressful and very fast paced and demanding. As you know, this lifestyle not only leads him to insomnia, it also is what contributes to his schizophrenia. If we have learned anything from the teachings of Marx, it is that this capitalist culture that Tyler Durden is surrounded by, only promotes the wealth of the wealthy, while leaving behind the poor to suffer. Clearly this is seen when we look at Tyler Durden in Fight Club.