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Assess the relative significance of factors that influenced the Senate in ratifying the Treaty of Paris in 1899. your analysis and assessment should take into account the complexities and or contradictions presented by the evidence. (ap us history dbq 1975)

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Without access to the documents in this DBQ, it is difficult to assess the relative significances of the various reasons for ratification of the treaty.  Without reference to any documents, I would argue that the more "selfish" reasons for ratification of the treaty were more important than the more altruistic ones.

The selfish reasons for ratification of the treaty involved the desire for more military power and more economic opportunities.  The business community wanted the opportunity to use resources from and to sell to the Philippines in particular.  Followers of Mahan felt that the new acquisitions would be helpful in increasing the reach of US sea power.  I would argue that these were the strongest causes of the ratification.

Behind those would come the more altruistic reasons.  I would argue that the "white man's burden" -- the desire to "civilize" the Filipinos and others came far behind the more pragmatic reasons.

I would look for support for this position in the documents.


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