The Rain Horse

by Ted Hughes
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Analyze and examine the different techniques the writer uses to create a mysterious and gloomy atmosophere in "The Rain Horse" by Ted Hughes.

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In Ted Hughes' "The Rain Horse," the use of imagery is very important in creating a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere. The descriptions used, to describe the stormy morning, are meant to instill dread and concern in the reader. With images of trench warfare breaking into the actual surroundings of the scene, the dark and ominous setting is compounded.

By setting nature both against itself and the protagonist, the setting's mystery and gloominess is heightened. Both the past and the present seem to be at odds with the protagonist's surroundings--nature fighting against nature for survival and nature fighting against the protagonist (in the horse and the storm).

Essentially, the use of imagery is the most important technique used in the story given it allows the reader to create mental images of the protagonist's surrounds.

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