Can you psychologically analyze "Esther's Narrative" in Bleak House by Charles Dickens?

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If you are asking whether it is possible to analyze "Esther's narrative" through the viewpoint of psychological literary theory, then the answer is , yes, you can easily analyze this chapter through psychological criticism. Freudian criticism dominates the psychological literary theory field but contemporary psychological theories or issues may also be part of an analysis. For instance, the opening discussion about Richard's changing opinions can be analyzed as demonstrating the nature versus nurture debate, though it is not a typical Freudian issue. Nature versus nurture is exemplified in Mr. Jarndyce's early remarks:

is chargeable on that incomprehensible heap of uncertainty and procrastination on which he has been thrown from his birth, I don't pretend to say; but that Chancery, among its other sins, is responsible for some of it, I can plainly see. It has engendered or confirmed in him a habit of putting off....



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