Analyze Emily Bronte's contributions as a woman to literature.I am looking for what she is considered to be, such as a pinnacle of fiction or paving stone to independence and equality for women.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is difficult to evaluate Emily Brontë's contributions specifically in terms of her gender. She published her work under a make pseudonym. Wuthering Heights is generally regarded as one of the great Romantic novels, but it is less specifically addressed to woman's issues than the work of her sister Charlotte, whose novel Shirley is regarded as a major contribution to feminist literature. One might argue that Wuthering Heights is unusual in women's literature for the period in its frank treatment of sexual desire, power conflicts, and passion in both women and men. Most importantly with respect to gender issues, in Wuthering Heights she transforms the women's medium of the Gothic novel into a work that was taken seriously in literary circles.