A Rose for Emily Questions and Answers
by William Faulkner

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Analyze the effects that Mr. Grierson had on his daughter, Emily, throughout the short story "A Rose for Emily".

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As was mentioned in the previous post, Emily's father was extremely protective of his daughter and did not think that any citizens of Jefferson were good enough to court her. Mr. Grierson was controlling, and Emily lived in his shadow her entire life. When Emily's father died, she refused to accept the fact that he was dead for three days. After he died, Emily rarely left her home. Her father also had an extremely negative impact on Emily's mental state. She feared leaving the comforts of her home and was isolated because she did not have a relationship with any man. The portrait of her father clutching...

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bluebutterb | Student

Well, here's my idea: Emily's father must be a perfectionist. You can see that in how he drove away all the young men that came for Emily. He must also be a strict person, rule-abiding, and you can see that in how Emily never dared to resist his words.

I'm sorry I can't do much for you, and if I made up some words. I wish you good luck on your essay though, and those are what I can think of.

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