Analyze the effects of Emily's father on her in "A Rose for Emily".

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Miss Emily's father was a protective "gentleman", effectively enforcing a policy of exclusion around his daughter. While alive he believes that no one in Jefferson is good enough for Emily and she must be protected from shame, dishonor and from those who are beneath her station. 

The result of this protective policy is a cloistering. Emily is isolated from the community, growing reclusive. Emily's father keeps her from achieving a normal life and kept from finding a husband. 

It is his influence that deprives her of a husband when she is young...

When he dies, Emily "clings to that which robbed her", continuing her reclusive isolation and living a cloistered life. 

...after his death, Emily continues to isolate herself from the rest of the community for the better part of her life. 

As it was Emily's father that taught her to be alone, enforcing this state as well, he is responsible for what becomes Emily's permanent habit of solitude.

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Well, here's my idea: Emily's father must be a perfectionist. You can see that in how he drove away all the young men that came for Emily. He must also be a strict person, rule-abiding, and you can see that in how Emily never dared to resist his words.

I'm sorry I can't do much for you, and if I made up some words. I wish you good luck on your essay though, and those are what I can think of.

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