Analyze the effects of the Age of Exploration on Africa and on the Americas. Include specific effects of the Atlantic slave trade. In what ways were the effects similar or different on these continents? What was the motivation of the European colonizers? Clearly develop and organize your ideas and support your answer with evidence from the course. How can I put this into a three-paragraph essay?

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Because your essay must be three paragraphs, I would write the thesis statement as a topic sentence or as a lead-in sentence. In your thesis statement, include what you think were the major effects of the Age of Exploration on Africa, particularly West Africa, and the Americas.

In the Americas, the major effects of the Age of Exploration were disease and displacement. The natives in North and South America were unable to resist the diseases that Europeans were carrying, particularly yellow fever, influenza, and smallpox. This resulted in the decimation of large swathes of the native populations. Those who survived were subjected to displacement, due to European settlement. Having to leave their homes was devastating to many natives, and some were unable to survive in new environments.

In the Caribbean, Native Americans were enslaved. Initially, the Spanish -- the first to arrive -- sought gold. They forced the natives to labor in the mines. Those who refused were murdered; others were...

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