Analyze Doctor Faustus as tragic hero.    

Doctor Faustus displays all the traditional characteristics of a tragic hero. A high-born character, he comes to grief through hubris. Despite being a great scholar, Faustus is dissatisfied with his life and wants more. He enters into a bargain with the Devil, selling his soul in return for twenty-four years of power. Faustus's diabolical deal eventually leads to his soul being consigned to hell.

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A tragic hero always has far to fall, and Doctor Faustus is no exception. A great scholar and polymath, he has an enviable position in life, one for which many people would give their eye teeth. Yet somehow it's not enough. Faustus wants more out of life than he's currently getting. More than anything else, he wants power, and plenty of it; the kind of power that one can only receive from the supernatural. In practical terms, that means the Devil, as God would never grant power to his own creatures that might make them start acting like...

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