Analyze and discuss the seasonal and/or dark and light imagery in "The Beast in the Jungle."

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John Marcher's name suggests March, the beginning of spring, a time of newness and rebirth. He truly believes something, either great or terrible, will happen to him. In any case, this "something" will be new and is thus related to the idea of spring. At first, May suggests this "something" will be falling in love. John dismisses this. John thinks he is involuntarily "marching" toward his own fate, which becomes worse in his mind as time goes on. He refuses to marry May to save her from sharing his fate but simultaneously asks her to wait with (and for) him. John is too self-absorbed with his own fate to really open up to May. Of course, "May" is symbolic of spring as well. However, you should also note that her name, "May," implies possibility: a possibility of living fully that John does not see but one that May does.

As John comes to believe that his event will be terrible, we could say it is more symbolically a "fall." The word "fall" connotes autumn as a time leading to winter and...

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