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Analyze and demonstrate the ideological perspectives reflected in the following source. Please explain in detail. "I think experience will teach you a combination of liberalism and conservatism. We have to be progressive and at the same time we have to retain values. We have to hold onto the past as we explore the future."

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In my mind, the quotation brings out much in way of a centrist position on political reality.  The quotation makes the argument that individuals have to find a balance between Progressivist liberal values and Conservatively bound traditional notions of the good.  Centrism seeks to bring a moderation to both, which is what I see in the quotation.  From a position of ideology, the quote seems to be bringing out the idea that there is a "defined ideology in the center."  In this case, the "center" is an approach that comes out of both polarities.  With the quotation, these are deemed "Conservative" and "Liberal."  The centrist ideological approach does not force a rejection of either side, but rather brings it out in the expresison of the middle. At the same time, I think that the quote is also quite pragmatic and politically practical in its assertion.  There is broader appeal to the centrist approach as opposed to appealing to one polarity, thereby alienating the other.  This ideological approach is also apparent in the quotation.

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