Analyze Dantes' final words to Maximilian"....all human wisdom is continued in the words ' wait and hope!"

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cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Dantes leaves prison, his primary goal is revenge, and he proceeds to accomplish his objective by punishing those responsible for his imprisonment one by one. Unfortunately, however, Eduoard dies because Dantes has provided Mme. Heloise de Villefort with a potentially fatal potion. She poisons her son before she commits suicide. Dantes questions his own methods for revenge because an innocent child has died. 

In his final words to Maximilian, Dantes indicates that any attempt by man to play God and seek to achieve his own revenge is dangerous. As a result of all of his experiences, the count now accepts the idea that ultimate judgement will come at the hands of God, not man, who must "wait and hope" that God will eventually reward the good and punish the evil.

alekhine | Student

This is perhaps the most beautiful quotation in the book.

The count of Monte Cristo is saying to his pseudo adopted son Max Morrell that despite how huge or how many your problems are you simply need to "Wait" and "Hope" and God will deliver you. This ideology is so powerful.

  Yet having said this I dont think for one moment that the Count felt any remorse or regret for being an "Agent of Providence". He felt it was his destiny to recompense the good, and to punish the wicked.

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