Analyze the current status of first amendment rights as applied to individuals and society.Analyze the current status of first amendment rights as applied to individuals and society.

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Everyone does not have the same rights. The first amendment allows everyone to speak freely and allows freedom of the press. What we have now is the press gone haywire. They don't stop to confirm information or use legitimate sources.
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I think the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church means that at least Freedom of Religion is very well protected in this country, along with Freedom of Speech.  If a very tiny religious minority is allowed to say things in public, near military funerals, that the vast majority of Americans would find completely offensive and morally questionable, then I would argue the right is well protected in this country.

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This is much too big of a question to be answered in any meaningful way in this space.  After all, there are many aspects to First Amendment rights.  There are free speech rights and free press rights.  There are free exercise of religion issues and issues having to do with the Establishment Clause.  Perhaps if you narrow your question a bit, we will have more luck giving you a good answer.

Overall, it seems that the current Supreme Court is probably moving to be more lenient on issues of the Establishment Clause.  It is more likely to allow the government to act in ways that may seem to promote religion.

On speech issues, there has been a general broadening of rights for some time.  The Court has ruled recently, for example, that the anti-gay protestors from that church in Kansas can hold protests in which they say abhorrent things on the routes used by funeral processions of soldiers killed in the Middle East.

Again, this answer barely scratches the surface of this question.  It would be much better if you could narrow your question to address one particular aspect of First Amendment rights.

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