Analyze the conflict between Troy and Cory in the Fences.

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One of the most important characteristics of the relationship between Troy and his son Cory is that they are effectively repeating history (and, ultimately, breaking the cycle of history). 

As a young man, Troy gets into a fight with his own father over a girl. In this fight, Troy stands up to his father and is kicked out of the house. This begins a life of crime for Troy that lands him in prison. 

As a father, Troy plays a big part in generating a conflict with his son that also causes a break between them. Cory leaves home and is prepared to never forgive his father and never speak to him again. However, when Troy dies and Cory returns home, Cory is persuaded to forgive his father, at least tacitly, by agreeing to attend his funeral. 

The cycle of conflict between father and son is historic, as this synopsis suggests, and there is a danger that it may continue to be perpetuated. Cory's decision to yield along with his choice to enter the army (instead of leading a wild life) also...

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