Analyze the comparisons between Latin American and Brazilian independence movements?

Expert Answers
saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most Latin American independence movements were instigated by singular figures against Spanish rule. Bolivar in Venezuela, Hidalgo in Mexico and San Martin in Argentina are all examples of these individuals. Most of the revolutions took place in the 1820’s and they all involved military action in order to gain independence. In most cases, the new governments modeled their newly formed democracies after the U.S. and its Constitution.

Brazil’s independence movement stemmed from an argument over the return of the royal family, which had been exiled from Portugal after Napoleon, took over. With Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, they wished to have the monarchs return, but many Brazilians saw this as an attempt to curtail their rights. So like the rest of Latin America, their revolution was an armed conflict that took place in the 1820’s and was led by a singular leader, in this case Prince Pedro. Unlike the rest of Latin America is was a revolution against Portugal and began as a fight over the royal family.