Compare the responsibilities for a merchandiser working for Levi Strauss and one working for a small start-up producing jeans of the same quality and price.   

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These two merchandisers would be doing many of the same things.  They would be trying to determine how best to sell a higher volume of their particular brand of jeans.  The major difference would be in the fact that the Levi's merchandiser would have more resources to work with than the one working for the start-up.  For that reason, the Levi's merchandiser might choose to run high-profile ad campaigns to try to boost sales while the start-up's merchandiser might be trying simply to get their product a better location in stores and/or more attractive signage on its displays.  All merchandisers are trying to sell their product.  The only difference is that the resources available to different merchandisers constrain the choices they have in how to carry out that task.