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  In a character analysis of the boy of "Araby," what is a good thesis statement with three points?    

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A good thesis to begin discussion/analysis of the narrator/boy of James Joyce's "Araby" can include the themes of this story since it is the character who is intrinsic to the development of these themes.  Such a thesis can point to the story as one of adolescent maturation by stating that the boy who is the narrator of "Araby" arrives at maturation through a journey of fantasy and disillusionment and a resulting emtional growth.

  1. He confuses a romantic crush with religious enthusiasm (e.g. he runs with the "chalice" at the grocery story, the exotic relgious bazaar)
  2. The boy never shares his feelings with...

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kc4u | Student

First consider the adolescent mind confined to a blind alley, the North Richmond Street, a mind which is nostalgic and imaginative, and searching for something adorable and liberating.

Secondly, you should comment upon the boy's 'confused adoration' for Mangan's sister, the brown-clad image of the girl symbolising the holy chalice to be protected from the vulgarities of the mundane market-dominated  hard realities of life.

Thirdly, comment on how the passion for the girl converts to a passion and excitement for the exotic as suggested by Araby, and how the boy's journey to Araby gets aborted with the adolescent dream shattered.

You can prepare your write-up on the following motif: