Analyze the characterization of Josephine and Constantia in "The Daughters of the Late Colonel."

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Both daughters in the Mansfield short story reflect the challenging condition of being tethered to the present. Both women lived in the complete shadow of the dominant father.  To be able to envision a world outside of this control is a critical element in both girls' characterizations. Being consumed with small details regarding settling their father's estate, or what to do with the body, or how to turn the doorknob to his room are elements that take away from the much larger task of forming their identity in a post- father life.  Being inextricably bound to this present tense is a significant part of the sisters' characterization.

Constantia's characterization reflects this condition.  Her characterization is one where she is a bit stronger than her sister.  However, she still finds herself immersed in the excruciating minutiae of what is as opposed to what can or should be.  Dying of the dressing- gowns, worrying about what Kate would say, and wondering how mice live are all...

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