Analyze the character "the priest" in the novel A Farewell to Arms.

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The unnamed priest in A Farewell to Arms is an important character in that he helps Frederic Henry make sense of his experiences at the front line. Lt. Henry has made an existential choice in his life—to fight with the Italian Army during the First World War. Henry believed that throwing himself into the conflict would give meaning to his life. Yet it has not done so. If anything, his experiences of this terrible war have alerted him to the dark, meaningless void that lies in the very depths of his soul.

The priest is able to supply some of the spiritual wisdom that Lt. Henry so patently lacks. His patience, good sense, and sage advice divest Henry of some of his cynicism and bitterness. Henry's profound disillusionment with the war has had a negative impact on his ability to form meaningful relationships with other people. The priest, despite his avowed celibacy, has a much deeper understanding of love and the enormous sacrifices involved. He reminds us of the universality of love,...

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