Analyze the character Mrs. Hale in the play Trifles.

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Like Minnie Wright, Mrs. Hale is a farmer's wife and has lived a fairly Spartan life on the farm. Mrs. Hale has no name, and Glaspell offers no physical description of the character. Yet the audience comes to understand Mrs. Hale through her dialogue and behavior. She defends Minnie's housekeeping skills, saying, "Farmer's wives have their hands full." Mrs. Hale is the more opinionated of the two women searching the house, and she's the one who finds and hides much of the evidence. In doing so, she displays loyalty to Minnie and great strength of character.

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Mrs. Hale's actions in Trifles show that she is a woman who is hardworking, perceptive, loyal, and pragmatic.

Mrs. Hale is a local farmer's wife who is generally referred to as comfortable looking but enters the crime scene with her nerves plain on her face. She's pragmatic enough to know that she might bear witness to something she would rather not see. She also makes it clear that she supports her husband because she arrived to the scene with him, despite it being a place where the men are trying to take center stage. She also collects things that Minnie might need with a discerning eye.


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