Analyze the character of Azucena in the story "And of Clay Are We Created."

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This story is incredibly powerful, and though in some ways the story is about Rolf more than it is about Azucena, it's her character that carries the emotion and power of the story.

One of the most impactful quotes of the story is the following:

She said it was not just rubble, that she was also held by the bodies of her brothers and sisters clinging to her legs.

This shows what Azucena's role is in the story. She represents so much more than just one trapped girl. She represents all of the people who have been injured or killed by the volcano, and she represents people who are suffering and unable to receive the help they need.

Azucena is an interesting character to focus on here as well, because she is so quiet and calm throughout. She seems to know that she is just waiting to die, but she does not despair. Part of this is that she's unable to move and likely has no energy to fight for her life, but she does not cry or complain, and before she dies she says only that she wishes a boy had...

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