Analyze Catherine's character in the play " The Arms and The Man" by George Bernard Shaw?

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Wife of Major Petkoff and mother of Raina, Catherine is a butt of comic ridicule in Shaw's play, Arms and the Man. She is a typical woman of the "new rich" class, proud and vain, somewhat foolish and unthinking. She admires Sergius and his victorious cavalry charge no less than her daughter, sounds pampering and overly protective, very much conscious of her social position and riches. Catherine does not like Raina's fondness towards the professional soldier until she comes to realize that her daughter's "chocolate cream soldier" is fabulously rich and more solvent than Sergius. She loves to poke her nose in everything, even in matters relating to war, and feels disheartened that the war has given place to a peace treaty. The play ends with sufficient demolition of her image and comic discomfiture.