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Analyze the breakdown of relations between the colonies and Great Britain between 1763 and 1775.

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The French and Indian war ended in 1763 with a British victory. Britain gained territories in the North America, and the American colonists were relieved of the fear that they would be taken over by the French. With that threat removed, they had little need to rely on their parent country any more.

Over time, in part due to the British policy of salutary neglect that turned a blind eye to the colonists' breaking of English tariff laws, the Americans developed a strong taste for independence. On top of that, multiple generations of British colonists had been born in America at this point, and many had never been to Britain. Ties to the mother country weakened—and, further, a good number of colonists, as Thomas Paine pointed out in his 1775 pamphlet Common Sense, came from countries other than Britain, such as the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

What fueled the breakdown was the British insistence that the Americans help shoulder the costs of the very expensive French and Indian war....

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