What kind of tone does Sven Birkerts set in the fourth paragraph of his essay "Into the Electronic Millennium"? How does he use diction to set that tone?

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In his essay “Into the Electronic Millennium,” Sven Birkerts uses a number of different devices of rhetoric and diction to make his essay as effective as possible.  Many of these techniques can be seen in the essay’s fourth paragraph, which describes a former professor who has decided to sell all his books. Birkerts and a colleague (co-managers of a used bookstore which has purchased the man’s library) pack up the books, and then the man shows them a computer he owns. This incident occurred during a time when computers are still relatively new and usual:

While he and my partner hunched over the terminal, I roamed to and fro, inspecting the shelves. It was purely a reflex gesture, for they held nothing but thick binders and paper-bound manuals. "I’m changing my life," the professor–the ex -professor–was saying. "This is definitely where it’s all happening." He told us that he already had several good job offers. And the books? I asked. Why was he selling them all? He paused for...

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