Please provide an analysis of the poem "While I Was Bleeding" by Tania Alamin.Where do I begin to explain the beating? You watched as I sat there...

Please provide an analysis of the poem "While I Was Bleeding" by Tania Alamin.

Where do I begin to explain the beating?
You watched as I sat there bleeding,
You never cared about my feeling.
My hurt had no healing.
Rape after rape I knew I had to escape,
never allowed to look up,
never allowed to talk..
Beat me so I couldn't walk..
I remember the day I almost died,
you laughed, while I cried.
You beat me so bad while u cursed out my dad!
I could never withstand the pain, you are insane!
You played me like a game..
This time I win, and you, you have committed a sin..
When you burn in hell, which time will only tell,
god will ask you, "why, why the beating of this woman whom you took to love?
Did you forget who was watching from above?"
Remember when I hid under the bed from you, what was is suppose to do,
you kicked me in my tummy,
I lost our baby and you thought it was funny.
You degraded me and put me in dirt,
you loved to see me hurt.
Now that I have gotten away through my planned escape
I have no more tears or any fears but the memory will last for years.
God has blessed me and now I'm not afraid too see.
I am brave, brave enough to have a child now,
brave enough to have found marriage,
and brave enough to believe in love,
thanks to god above..

Source: Don't Stay In An Abusive Relationship, Abuse Poems can anyone help me literary device and speaker's and poet's tone?
Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem, "While I Was Bleeding", contains the following literary devices:

Simile: "Played me like a game"

Repetition: use of the word "never", "you", and "I"

Alliteration: "begin/beating", "Day/died", and "who was watching"

The speaker's tone, typically a reflection of the author's as well unless the poet is writing from a persona, changes from the beginning of the poem to the end.  In the beginning, the speaker's tone is questioning. She (assumed given the author is female) is wondering how one who stated that they loved her could abuse her in such a way.  She is curious about the treatment and fails to understand the balance between love and abuse. Her feelings on the subject are questioning.

By the end of the poem, the speaker's tone has changed.  She seems to have found that her faith in "God" has lead her from the abuse. She knows that her abuser will have to answer for her mistreatment.  Therefore, her tone is one of satisfaction.  While she knows that she will never receive the answers as to why her abuse existed, she holds promise in the fact that her abuser will have to answer to God.