There Will Come Soft Rains Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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How does "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Bradbury relate to "Meteor" by John Wyndham, and what is the analysis of "Meteor"?

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American writer, Ray Bradbury, and British writer, John Wyndham, are notably two of the most famed science fiction writers.  Both wrote of man's ultimate demise, the end of civilizations, and the power of nature to overcome. Bradbury incoporated settings of typical situations overpowered by man-made troubles, as demonstrated by the atomic aftermath...

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kkassam | Student
In both stories, both authors bring out the theme of mankind bs technology. In there will come soft rains, the author expresses how independent the machinery that humans have created have become, but that even though humans actions affect the nature, nature prevails, and is able to conquer all. In meteor, the theme is fairly similar. The story revolves around the future bodies conquering earth in a form we would have never imagined. These bodies were able to survive in earth for a long time before they were killed. The setting of the two stories is fairly similar, as they both bring out the element of the future. There will come soft rains is directly set in the future outlining the destruction that has been caused by humans own inventions. Meteor, however, outlines the future in a slily differet way, pot raying the technology that was used by these bodies from Forta.
kp1111 | Student

There will come soft rains-shows how technology will overshadow man. however there is a sense of hope because of its title.

Meteor-Shows how ungrateful and selfish man is.

In both stories the common connection is mans qualities.