Render an analysis on the love between Alice and Noah.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The love shown between Allie and Noah is shown to be a transcendent notion.  It is something that surpasses the conditions of war, coveting of social status, as well as even time.  Allie and Noah share a love that resides at the center of their being.  From that fateful summer, their love is shown to be a fire that is never consumed.  World War II, different paths taken in their own lives, as well as external elements such as Allie's mother's desires do not take from their love.  Their love withstands all of these and sustains both of them as well as is sustained itself.  This love is shown to be something that can even withstand the horror of Alzheimer's Disease.  In some ways, Sparks makes the argument that separation is not as painful as the condition of Alzheimer's in terms of its impact on the love shared between two people.  The love shared by both Allie and Noah is one that can withstand the pain of Alzheimer's.  As Allie loses more and more of her memory, not being able to recognize Noah after almost half a century, there are small instants where she is able to say his name with the yearning and longing that indicates love is not entirely gone.  This apparently is enough for Noah, representing a bond of love that transcends even the negative element of erosion of memory and the attempt to erode the bond shared between them.  In this, the love shared between both is one that represents a timeless quality, a haven in a heartless world, and a reason for being as both souls are merged as one.  While these are cliches, they might be effective in describing the love that both Allie and Noah share.