Analysis of "The First Kiss of Love" by Byron

isuwi | Student

the first kiss of love written by Lord Byron is a love poem consisting of seven stanzas. here he states how exciting and pleasing his first kiss with his beloved is comparing with all the worldly pleasures that man enjoy and the happenings around the world.
In the first stanza the poet expresses his thoughts on how fictions are never written of true and sincere love for they sound very weak and fragile in romance. he states how he would rather choose the excitement and enjoyement of his first kiss than those fictions of false love.
in the second stanza he speaks about the poets who perfectly rhymes their piece of work by speaking of rural passions but according to Byron he states that to make a sonnet an inspirational and a blessful one,one has to taste the first kiss of love for love od every other things begin from that exact point of a first kiss.
The poet expresses his point of view on the statement 'I hate you' which is the rude and wicked way of putting up with the pleasures of life though haters will say he is wrong and critics would say it is disapproving but he sincerely speaks about his outpouring love and delight about his first kiss of love.
Byron believes that roamnce was present in the beginning of man, and has not fully faded away as there can be perfect love found in this earth. Though we grow older and the pleasure we've had in our past are far gone by the flip of an eye,those memories will last forever but the sweetest memory of them all will be the first kiss of love.

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