Analysis chapter 30 and analysis why MAud Martha silence

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Chapter 30: At The Burns-Coopers'

In this vignette, Maud Martha has been hired for a housekeeping position at a white woman's home. Maud's husband has lost his job, so Maud must do her best to earn an income. Maud's new employer has a hyphenated, or double-barreled, surname, which often denotes wealth or a pedigreed background. As the story progresses, we discover that Mrs. Burns-Cooper is indeed wealthy.

She is also arrogant, insensitive, and inconsiderate. Upon meeting Maud Martha, Mrs. Burns-Cooper insists that Maud must never enter her home through the front door again. For all subsequent work visits, Maud must enter through the back door. Mrs. Burns-Cooper wastes no time in establishing her authority over Maud Martha. She gives orders to Maud and talks at her, instead of to her. Note that Maud must repress her emotions, despite Mrs. Burns-Cooper's disrespectful behavior. Maud needs the job because there is very little food at home.

According to Mrs. Burns-Cooper's instructions, Maud must...

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