Analyse the role of knowledge as a source of power.?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first challenge you are facing is defining the type of power to which you are referring. Knowledge may play different roles, depending upon the type of power being gained as a result of the knowledge.

If you are dealing with physical power, knowledge of the application of mechanics to simplify work, increase efficiency of effort, or amplify the results may lead to a larger output of functional power - increasing the size of the motor increases the power of the engine type of situation.

If you are referring to power between groups of people, knowledge of group dynamics and appreciation of the patterns and expectations of different cultures can facilitate greater effectiveness in establishing connections that lead to increased status and power. Economic power may be obtained after gaining and applying knowledge of how the stock market works or how to develop an idea into a patented and produced new product.

Knowledge can also be a source of power for an individual person. As a child grows and gains experience with the world in which s/he lives, that knowledge allows the child to move on to new areas of learning.