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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like so much with Changez, the quote is complex.  I think that the idea of a "lover of America" is significant because it helps to bring out the intricate relationship that Changez has with it.  He could have said that he "loves America."  This helps to bring out a simplistic affection for the country.  In the idea of being a "lover" of the nation, it illuminates how there is a complexity in the way Changez views America.  Like all "lovers," there is a story present.  This narrative includes hurt, betrayal, as well as emotions that are not fully understood.  Being a "lover" of America helps to evoke how Changez has not fully grasped his own feelings towards the nation.  This complexity helps to facilitate the different ways in which Changez can be seen.  Does he still love America?  Is he beyond love for America?  Does he still hold different feelings for the nation, of which love is one of many?  These questions emerge once he is able to say that he is a "lover" of America.  It is here where these questions becomes significant and where the quote has meaning in terms of how he is viewed and what his relationship to America actually is.