Analyze the poem "London's Summer Morning" by Mary Robinson.

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Published in 1800 in the newspaper, “London’s Summer Morning” by Mary Robinson portrays a typical beginning of the day on a London street.  The poem written in blank verse places the reader on the street with the sounds and sights of daily life ringing through in the poem.

The poem is a virtual kaleidoscope for the reader depicting the enterprising shopkeepers as they show their wares off behind their huge glass frontages. The movement and sounds of a business street with all that it entails is aptly presented. The poet’s use of imagery creates the mental image of a typical day in 1800 as a prospective buyer proceeds down the crowded streets of London.

Point of view and setting

The poem uses a third person point of view to narrate the poem for the reader.  The setting is a busy London business street on a hot summer morning. 

The literary devices

Blank Verse-Unrhymed iambic pentameter


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