Analyse how a different leadership style might improve motivation of staff within these restaurants, with reference to the case study given in the image.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "top down management" style that is present in the McNuggets  model could be augmented with different approaches to leadership.  Essentially, one of the challenges within the autocratic leadership style is that individual employee voice is not really embraced.  It is silenced in the name of the institution.  This helps to contribute to a sense of atomization and distance from the organization, explained in the high staff turnover and continual problem in absenteeism.  One different approach that might preclude this is a more democratic condition of leadership.  In this realm, the McNuggets staff might have to give up some of its power and control in order for employees to feel more validated and feel greater connection with the organization.  For example, allowing different franchises to take more risks in being able to showcase the individual identity of the workers might be one way in which a more democratic style of leadership can be evident.  Instead of staff needing "to be trained to specialise in undertaking two tasks within the restaurant," staff could have a voice in how this aspect of their training looks.  Management could collaborate with staff as to what specialization might occur.  

The autocratic management structure is also seen in how "all customers are to be greeted with the same welcome."A more democratic approach to leadership might be seen in allowing the employees to make up their own approach to greeting customers, within acceptable standards.  In allowing employees this freedom, one aspect of employee voice is evident, and the overwhelming force of the external structure is minimized.  This more democratic approach to leadership could be seen in the menu choices.  The regimented condition that dictates french fries to be salted with the exact measurement of salt is one aspect of the autocratic management structure that seeks to silence employee voice.  Creating a pathway for employees to authentically suggest an approach to new menu items or different approaches to food preparation would require the McNuggets restaurant to have to decrease its power and control.  As a result, employee voice and experience would increase and might help to create a more authentic work experience towards which workers could immediately find connection.