Analyse the character of macbeth?

Expert Answers
a0542959 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Consider the first two times we see/hear of Macbeth. In the first instance, we learn that he is a great warrior. Initially we assume that he is brave and bold and an intelligent, strong being. Second, we see him with the three witches. This skews our view of him. Suddenly he is somehow superstitious and potentially up to no good. He tends to doubt himself, he long for power and fame, and yet he is brave. Macbeth cannot find an even field for all three of these qualities. Instead, throughout the whole play they fight for control of him and leave us with a somewhat evil man. However, he never doubts himself to the extreme that he considers taking his own life. He understands and worries that what he has done is wrong, but is man enough to know that he has to own up to his actions. His ambition leaves him wondering how to twist his actions his way (in reference to killing Duncan) and he dies in a battle.