Analyze Changez's personal journey as a migrant seeking opportunity and pursuing the American Dream.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Changez's personal journey as a migrant seeking opportunity and "the American Dream" is a unique one because it is inverted.  In the traditional narrative, the migrant experiences displacement and rejection as part of the initial struggle, only to find comfort and a sense of accomplishment later on.  Hamid might be suggesting that Asians who come to America experience a different spin on the narrative.  Changez experiences success and accomplishment immediately.  He attends Princeton, finds success at it, is well distinguished and well rewarded for his work at Underwood Samson.  Changez's journey is one in which the success in both money and psychology happens at the start of it.  Changez's displacement and sense of frustration happens mostly after September 11, in which the migrant understands that embracing America is an embrace of a reality that is not "real."  Changez sees America and its "nostalgia" as something flawed.  If he stays in it, he will be flawed, as well, acting as a "janissary."  It is in this desire for the "real" and something deemed as more meaningful that Changez leaves America.  In this, Hamid offers a different view of the migrant narrative.  Changez's pursuit of the American Dream causes him to accept "reality," or what is perceived as it over "the dream."  In this, the migrant narrative's relationship to the American Dream is cast in a different light.