Expand on the analogy of a nucleus to a school.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a pretty interesting method of comparison between two objects that might appear different from one another.  If we examine their operational definitions, we might find some level of similarity between them.  From the broadest point of view, the nucleus is "the control center" of the cell.  It is the basis of all information and helps to maintain the proper order of functions in the cell.  In much the same way, the school represents the "control center" of a democratic society as what results from the education in a school helps to contribute to what happens in that society.  The nucleus controls the activities of the cell and the education of children goes a long way in determining the activities and successes of a nation.  If there is no nucleus, cellular functions cannot be executed and if a nation lacks proper education or schools, its functions will not be as successful, if not outright futile.  Within the nucleus are different components that all contribute to its successful function and, in much the same way, schools contain different layers of individuals whose purpose is to enrich the education of students, contributing to their successful function.

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