What is a good analogy for the cell and its parts?

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I often use a school as an analogy for my students. The following are examples of how different organelles can be applied to different parts of a school building:

- Mitochondria can be related to a cafeteria because this is where energy (food) is made. 

- The principal can be related to the nucleus because he/she controls most of the school's functions. 

- The lockers can be the vacuoles because they hold excess materials.

- The cell membrane can be like the security guard because he is selectively permeable to what enters the schools. Likewise, the fence can the cell wall because it adds an additional layer of protection to the school. 

- The office can be the Golgi apparatus because this is where all the shipping and receiving occurs. 

- The air can be the cytoplasm because it encompasses everything. 

I think you get the idea! :) Good luck!!!

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You could easily translate the school example above into an analogy using your home.  Or, the components of a computer could be used as an analogy for a cell.  Use the same format as the above post from Megamind-616 and just replace each item with a component of the computer.  I would simply google "computer components" to get a list.  You'll be shocked at how close to a living organism the computer can be!!!

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