Analogies... Explain why you chose your answer....I tried and boy i feel smart, but my brain hurts... you tryGARDNER:HOE::A.stenographer::typistB.painter::plasterC.judge::rulingD.seamstress::scissors

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The whole point of analogies like this is to choose pairs where the first and the second word have the same relationship in both pairs.  So the relationship between A and B have to be the same as the relationship between C and D, right?  So look at this example.

What is the relationship between a gardener and a hoe?  Well, the gardener uses the hoe as a tool in the course of doing his or her job.

So now you need another example where the first word uses the second word as a tool in the course of doing its job.  Among the choices you've given, D is the best answer -- a seamstress uses a scissors as a tool in the process of doing her job.

Painters don't usually actually use plaster to make their paintings.  A judge's ruling is pretty much what they are trying to make, now what they use to make it.

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