If an updated version of "Trifles" were to be written, what details of plot, character, and setting would be same/different from those in Glaspell's play?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a provocative question, one that gets at the heart of the play.  This is not a murder mystery, but a play about women’s rights, women’s solidarity, and the difficulties of women in an “imprisoning” environment.  The closest modern (2012) parallel might be wives who are “intimidated” and abused “emotionally," but can’t be protected by the law, because the abuse is "emotional” and not physical.  In these cases, often a woman’s only ally is other women, often in a women’s shelter.  So perhaps the parallel could be at a women’s shelter, where a husband is found dead (at the doorstep or nearby), but none of the women will come forward; instead all protect the abused wife, because they understand the terror that the husband inflicted, even though she was unable to get a restraining order.  Another modern character touch might be a woman sheriff who is assigned the case, but hesitates because she is torn between moral justice and her obligation to enforce the letter of the law.  In fact, that dilemma is really the core of the audience’s experience—were the women justified in withholding evidence?