An outline for choosen career of my choice. career chosen is Marine Corp Officer..speech 101, informative speech outlinehighlight salary, education, history, any interesting facts.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello, This should make for an interesting speech! It looks like you already have some ideas about what to include in your outline, but maybe you are struggling with how to begin or what order to put things in. 

The first Roman numeral in an outline should be an introduction.  Then you must letter the points you want to make in your introduction.  That will look like this:

I. Introduction




What should those points be?  An introduction should tell your audience what the speech is about, should have something to gain the audience's interest, and should give the audience a little preview of what you will be talking about.  That would be three points right there. 

How should you organize the content of your speech?  One way is to start with the general idea and then work down to the specific idea, that this is the career you are interested in.  By starting with the general idea, I mean that you can start with some information about the Marines.  What is their history? What is their mission? How are they different from the other branches of the military?  That could be Roman numeral II, with points for each topic that discusses the background of the Marines.

Then you can begin to narrow your topic in Roman numeral III.  Start discussinng the specifics of your career choice.  What does it take to become a Marine?

You could also develop a new section to explain why you want to become a Marine, and perhaps a section to bring the Marines up to date.  What are they doing now in Iraq, for example, or in Afghanistan? 

Finally, your last Roman numeral should be a conclusion, a way to close the speech.  Give the audience a review of what you just said and finish up.

I do not know how long your speech is supposed to be, but before you give the speech, be sure to practice and time yourself.

Good luck!


litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
You'll need to do some research to get enough information. I suggest using the rule of three. Choose three areas of interest to you that are important to the career of an office in the Marines. Then explain each one in detail. How much detail depends on the amount of time you have.
epollock | Student

Inform people not just about the usual things that they learn but the types of character it builds and the opportunity to develop themselves as _________, _________, as_______. Providing people the benefits is a far more interesting approach than simple history and facts and figues.  Talk from interviews and experiences.  That would eb so much more dramatic.

krishna-agrawala | Student

You have already indicated a few things about career of Marine Corps Officer - salary, education, history, interesting facts. In addition you could cover the following points.

  1. The kind of training that is provided and the nature of work. You might like to differentiate between the work in peace time and during war. I am sure there are different branches within the Marine Corps and it will be a good idea to describe the various options within the career.
  2. What kind of job satisfaction a person may get from this career. You may also give some idea about the kind of family and personnel life one can expect to lead. Defence services personnel, at least in India, have a very different lifestyle as compared to other people.
  3. Aptitude. Education is one of the requirements of any career. In addition there are other aptitudes also.
  4. The process of entrance or recruitment.
  5. It is also advisable to give some idea about the limitations and negative points of this career.