An operations analyst suggested that company employees shared a “dump on the clerks” mentality. Explain.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This mentality refers to the idea that the company loads the most amount of work on the lowest rank of employees.  It refers to the idea that the employees with the least amount of power in an organization face the greatest amount of work; institutional barriers to alleviation of their condition; as well as face the greatest amount of disrespect.  The notion of "dumping on the clerks" helps to bring to light the silenced condition of many in the specific organization.  When company employees feel this, it can profoundly impact morale and the climate of the workplace.  Those in the position of power should heed such an assessment for many reasons.  Staff burnout and turnover in an atmosphere that "dumps on the clerks" is high and those who do remain foster a great deal of negativity towards their authority figures as well as towards the company or organization, in general.