An office supply store is having a clearance sale. A computer desk has an original price of $150. It is on sale for 65% off the original price. Find the sale price of the computer desk.

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Companies often use sales measured by percentages in order to drive sales or to move product in order to bring in new goods. These sales are often measured in increments of either ten or twenty-five, but sixy-five percent off is possible. To answer the question, one must convert the percent to a decimal. When one does this, 65% becomes .65.

The next step is to multiply $150 and .65 in order to find the new price. When one does this, one gets $97.50 as the new price of the computer desk. Of course, this is not counting any delivery fees or sales tax one may incur in the purchase of the desk. In order to complete the purchase, one usually must calculate sales tax as well. This can be calculated the same way by multiplying the tax rate (as a decimal) by the purchase price, then adding the taxes to the price of the desk.

Some exam questions may ask for the amount of money saved in the sale. If this is the question, subtract the sale price from the original price. It is important to note which will answer the question. When asking for the final sale price of the desk, the answer is $97.50.

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