An Inspector Calls Questions and Answers
by J. B. Priestley

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In An Inspector Calls, how does J.B.Priestley portray his socialist views through the play?

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A socialist viewpoint expounds the principles of equality, communal sharing, and responsibility. In such a system, the focus is on the community rather than the individual which are basic tenets of individualism and capitalism. The socialist approach is, therefore, directly in contrast with such systems of thought. 

In An Inspector Calls, inspector Goole acts as the author's mouthpiece and expounds his viewpoints in his interaction with the characters. He is highly critical of those who occupy the upper echelons of the societal hierarchy, represented by the Birlings and Gerald Croft, and contrasts their lives of privilege with those who, literally and figuratively, dwell at the bottom, represented by Eva Smith and the Birling's maid, Edna.

From the outset, the inspector makes it evident that those who hold a higher status, financial or otherwise, are careless and selfish. He makes it pertinently clear that they act out of individual interest and ignore the plight of those whose...

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