An important feature in the organization of parole decison making is that the parole board is independent from the prison administration. true or false

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While in theory the parole board is independent of prison administration, in practice the board pays careful attention to the written report of the warden, especially when considering whether the prison has taken advantage of the corrective programs available in prison (for example, the 12-step program).  Also, any negative tone or detail in the warden’s report (such as “resists authority”) takes a great toll.  So any “grudge” or anger from the prison authorities (especially guards) cancels any neutrality the parole board is supposed to bring to the decision.  The main problems with parole boards are their agendas, often political, and their conservative attitude (especially when the “public” is perceived as being in an anti-corrective mood), as well as their inexperience in Psychology training; together with quotas and prison overcrowding and expense of incarceration, their decision is never easy.  The best judge of parole readiness often comes from the prisoner’s family and support system if released.

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